Born and raised in Hawaii, and a graduate of Kamehameha School, Jason Lent has used his innumerable talents to bring himself to the forefront of success in various industries – most notably the world of business and entertainment. In every endeavor, he has taken his drive and infused it with his creativity and business acumen.

At eighteen, he started a successful independent record label, producing his own music. In addition, he produced for and performed in a group with Bruno Mars. At twenty, he was featured in the Wall Street Journal for his songwriting and producing accomplishments. Soon after, he moved to Hollywood and began working with Hermosa Recordings, a record label distributed by Universal Records.

He opened Wholesale Financial Group, his own brokerage firm at the age of 23. By the end of the first year, the company had reached multi-million dollar status.

A​fter the economic collapse in 2008, he reinvented himself and became an identity compliance and insurance sales agent for business-to-business sales. Within a short time, he became the top sales agent in a company with over 100,000 sales reps in the United States and Canada .

​He furthered his skills and became adept at writing sales scripts and creating effective sales systems for sales systems for organizations. Soon after, he started a call center in the Philippines, and subsequently developed sales systems for many companies and organizations, bringing their revenue generation ability to new levels.

He has been invited to speak and motivate thousands of entrepreneurs at various events in the United States, and shares with them the mindset and the strategies he employs in his life.

​Today, as President of Lent Enterprises, he partners with businesses who are looking to reach their ultimate goals.